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Odd news from around the world

German tourist rescued after being stuck in Australian mudflats: “AN afternoon waterfront stroll for a German tourist turned into a major drama – and embarrassment – when he had to be rescued after being stuck in the mudflats for three hours. Emergency services were called to help Sebastian Palzer, 22, as onlookers watched on in bewilderment at the Cairns Esplanade. Mr Palzer, who was crying, also yelled at waiting media about respecting his privacy. After being rescued, the 22-year-old was hosed down by a waiting fire truck before being taken by ambulance to Cairns Base Hospital. “He is now very embarrassed because of the public attention and feels silly,” Mr Noble said. “Luckily, they were able to wash his passport so he can go home again.”

A baby buggy for dad: “Skoda has unveiled the ultimate baby buggy – an incredible one-off pram fitted with sports suspension and 20-inch alloy wheels. Engineers at the Czech car maker thought of the most luxurious modifications they could add to a humble pram. The result is a pushchair that has wing mirrors, high-spec brakes with brake lights, and headlights. It was created by a team of Skoda engineers who were given the task of bringing car qualities to everyday objects. It rolls on a set of wheels which have been fitted with all terrain tyres, with extra comfort provided by the sports seat and hydraulic suspension. The high performance all terrain buggy has been described as the ultimate baby carrier that is ‘fit for a king’. According to a survey of 1,000 fathers, two thirds say they would spend more time behind the wheel of a buggy if they had access to a more stylish model.

When a horse can’t turn around: “A girl who took her pet pony for a paddle in the sea dismounted and watched in horror as it panicked and drowned in front of her. The youngster had taken the ten-year-old horse Charlie for a ride to cool off in the water in Falmouth, Cornwall. But when she got off the pony it swam out to sea going ever further out as it got more and more distressed. Despite her efforts to reach him he died. Experts say horses cannot turn while treading water and will often just swim in a straight line. Members of Penzance coastguard rescue team and a lifeguard on Marazion beach tried and failed to rescue the pony. The pony’s owner, Bonnie Reynolds, of Penzance, said the ordeal had left her daughter traumatised. She said: ‘What horses do when they go out of their depth, if they haven’t got anyone to turn them, they will just swim in a straight line as they haven’t got the movement in their legs, without ground, to turn themselves.

Strange strawberry again: “Strawberries are certainly a versatile fruit, but not many take the shape of an animal. Matthew Edmonds, 11, was stunned when he went to pick up couple of strawberries from his family garden in Portchester Fareham in Hampshire and spotted a rather unusual looking piece of fruit. Instead of its usual heart-shape, the strawberry instead had a distinct likeness to a guinea pig. ‘I decided to leave it for a few more days so it could grow bigger and it just began to look more and more like an animal. ‘I didn’t want to eat it so I’ve just kept it. Matthew’s discovery came just a few weeks after another keen gardener found a strawberry which resembled a man’s penis.”

Are online critics actually loyal customers?: “People who write negative reviews on websites are often a retailer’s most valuable and loyal customers, American research suggests. Retail specialists at MIT and Northwestern University found the harshest of critics may not have brought the product they were complaining about, but had strong feelings about a service or brand. The study, which is the first to take an in-depth look at the behaviour of customers who write negative reviews online, has disproved popular theories that peeved competitors or oddball customers make the harshest critics. Professor Eric Anderson of Northwestern University and Professor Duncan Simester of MIT, examined over 325,000 online reviews written by customers of a large clothing company and examined more than 7,219 book reviews on to produce their study, ABC News reported. The experts concluded that a firm’s most loyal customers are also their most negative reviewers, or to quote a French maxim, ‘your best friends are also your harshest critics.’

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