Is this what they mean by a fat cat?

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Odd news from around the world

Global cooling killing off the humble spud in Britain: “School dinners may never be the same again. The rising cost of potatoes is forcing them from the daily menu. They have more than tripled in price from £91-a-tonne in 2012 to £295 this year, meaning schools can no longer afford to fry, roast or mash them. So instead of featuring in every meal, potatoes will be served up just two or three times a week in some schools. Rain, snow and ice through one of the wettest winters and coldest springs on record led to a shortage of home-grown potatoes, with imports having to make up the shortfall. Nottinghamshire County Council announced the news yesterday, saying potato dishes in its school dinners would be replaced by rice and noodles. Kevin McKay, the council’s head of catering and facilities management, said: ‘The impact for school meals has been the rising price of potatoes, especially jackets, where wholesale prices have doubled and the quality is poor.”

A storm in a coffee cup: “A STARBUCKS cafe in Hong Kong’s posh financial district which used water from a tap [faucet] near a urinal to brew coffee prompted a flood of angry reactions from customers. The coffee shop, in the famous Bank of China Tower, has been using the water from a tap in a toilet to make beverages since its opening in October 2011. Images from local newspaper Apple Daily on Thursday showed the tap with a sign that said “Starbucks only” a few metres away from a urinal in the dingy washroom, which the paper said was in the building’s car park. “Totally disappointed! The initial decision by Starbucks to use water from toilet is a clear sign of your company’s vision and the level of (dis) respect your company has for the health and mind of your customers.” Kevin L wrote on the Starbucks Hong Kong Facebook wall. The water was collected less than five times a day by staff from a tap in a toilet located near the store, Starbucks said, adding that it was dedicated for collecting drinking water. The water from the toilet tap would go through a filtration system in the store ensuring it passed local and World Health Organisation standards, Pang said, adding the store is now using distilled water.” [What does it matter where the faucet is located?]

What happens when turbulence hits during meal service: “THIS is why you need to keep your seatbelt fastened at all times during a flight. A photo posted on Instagram by passenger Alan Cross shows the chaos after turbulence hit a Singapore Airlines A380-800 during breakfast service. Cross said: “Severe clear air turbulence issue on my SIN-LHR flight (SQ 308). A380 suddenly dropped 50-100ft during breakfast.” The flight was travelling from Singapore to London on Sunday when the unexpected turbulence struck about two hours into the flight, sending loose items such as food trays and utensils airborne and making a complete mess of the cabin. “Eleven passengers and one crew member sustained minor injuries when the aircraft experienced a sudden loss of altitude and were attended to by medical personnel on arrival at Heathrow Airport,” A Singapore Airlines spokesperson said. “Seatbelt signs were on at the time and meal services had already been suspended.” The flight landed safely.”

French government selling off its wine: “President Francois Hollande has been accused of selling off France’s national heritage with an auction of hundreds of bottles of fine wine from the cellars of his Elysee Palace. A total of 1200 bottles, including some of the world’s most prestigious labels, went under the hammer on Thursday evening in a sale that has become symbolic of the cash-strapped government’s austerity drive. Some 250 people, some just curious onlookers, were present at the Drouot auction hall in Paris for the sale, which will run until Friday, with hundreds of internet and telephone bidders expected. One of the first to go was a 1985 bottle of Krug Champagne which sold for 1200 euro ($1,600). The conspicuous cost-cutting is in keeping with the tone of Mr Hollande’s presidency, which has been clouded by a gloomy economic backdrop. Mr Chasseuil has written to Mr Hollande to express his regret over the decision to allow bottles “that are part of the heritage of our country to be sold off to billionaires from all over the world”.

US man caught having sex while drink driving: “A New Mexico man faces multiple charges after police say he was having sex with a woman while driving drunk and crashed, ejecting the woman from the vehicle. The Albuquerque Journal reports 25-year-old Luis Briones was found with one shoe on and his shorts on inside-out on Monday night after he wrecked his Ford Explorer in Albuquerque. Police say Briones’ female passenger was found naked outside the sport utility vehicle after being ejected. She had deep cuts to her face and head.Authorities allege Briones tried to drive away after the crash and abandon his passenger, but a witness grabbed his keys from the ignition. He also allegedly tried to hide from responding officers behind a cactus. Briones is charged with aggravated driving while intoxicated, reckless driving and evading police.”

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