This weirdness is London Fashion week

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Fashion for whom?




Odd news from around the world

Sheep kidnapped in New Zealand (headed for a brothel?) “FOUR New Zealanders have been arrested and charged after police found 11 sheep hog-tied in a car. The animals were discovered in the small four-door hatchback on the outskirts of Hastings at about 1am on Wednesday during a regular police patrol, Hawke’s Bay Today reported. Constable Darren Cooper said it was only luck that none of the sheep died. The sheep have since been returned to their owners. The men will appear in Hastings District Court this week on charges of theft and ill-treatment of animals. Ill treatment of animals carries a maximum penalty of six months in jail and/or a $25,000 fine.”

Israeli researcher on the hunt for £1BILLION of looted Nazi gold in Berlin lake: “The German government is backing a bid by an Israeli researcher to find a billion pound fortune in looted Nazi gold in a lake near Berlin. Legend has it that 18 crates of gold and platinum were dumped by an S.S. squad in the Stolpsee lake in Brandenburg in the closing days of the Second World War and lie in less than 50 feet of water. They were allegedly dumped in a secret operation codenamed ‘Operation Nibelung’ after the vast treasure of the mythical Burgundians whose stories are told in Wagner’s opera cycle The Ring of the Nibelungen. The lake lies in what was former East Germany and was the scene of frantic dives organised by the Stasi secret police desperate for treasure to sell in order to buy much needed foreign currency. The treasure has a conservative value of around a billion pounds. But if it is there, it lies under at least six feet of lake-bottom sludge and the Israeli team which arrived on its shores this week have brought along sophisticated sonar gear in a bid to locate it.”

Artificial tropical resort: “With sandy beaches, clear blue water and palm trees, this looks like a spectacular and luxurious sun-kissed resort. Holidaymakers can be seen relaxing in swimming shorts and bikinis. Even the occasional flamingo can be spotted. But not everything is as it seems at Tropical Islands. The ‘resort’ is actually located on the site of a former Soviet military air base in Krausnick, Germany. Tropical Islands is inside a hangar built originally to house airships designed to haul long-distance cargo. And despite it looking like temperatures are through the roof – outside the giant hanger it is actually snowing. As these incredible pictures show, the resort contains a beach, a lagoon , water slide and adventure park. Guests can enjoy numerous restaurants, evening shows and can also relax in a sauna.”

A tricky business catching sturgeon in Wisconsin: “They use a chainsaw to skillfully cut through the 18-inch thick ice, in such a way the sunlight illuminates the water below the hole. It then takes the strength of three men to push the cut-out chunk of ice under the surface and out of the way, in temperatures as low as -14C. The heavily regulated sport – which often proves fatal – sees just a limited number of licences issued each year. Each fish can weigh up to 100lbs, and be more than 40 years old. Fisherman may only catch fish measuring more than 3ft long. He said: ‘Sturgeon spearing is a unique sport that is only allowed on very few lakes in Wisconsin and Michigan. The team mark and cut out a hole to strict regulation size, and then cover it with a shack to alert others to the hazard and improve visibility in the water. Each spear is a long, wooden pole, with a detachable head that comes off when a sturgeon is hit. Line attached to the head is then used to play and catch the fish. Ivo, from Berlin, Germany, added: ‘The decoy is put into the water in order to attract sturgeons and help gauge the size of the fish. ‘You then have to wait, and finally decide about the size of the sturgeon before spearing.”

Belarus: Guard gets two years in prison for failing to protect border from teddy bears: “A Belarusian border guard was sentenced to two years in prison Monday for failing to report a border crossing by a Swedish plane that parachuted hundreds of teddy bears into the country carrying pro-democracy protest messages. The sentence was announced by the Belarusian Supreme Court, which said the unnamed officer would be sent to a maximum-security facility, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty reported.”

And don’t forget to catch up with all the Strange Justice before you go.

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