I’m guessing that this mailbox is for a gun owner

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Odd news from around the world

“Haunted” antique mirror: “THIS Victorian-style mirror might look harmless enough, but if its owner is to be believed, it has brought bad luck, misery, financial problems and illness upon its home. Mrjoiee, from London, England, is trying to sell the spooky mirror on eBay, and has left none of its supernatural abilities to the imagination. The mirror was posted on the online auction site last week, with the ominous warning: “Since we put it up in our flat we have had nothing but bad luck, misery, financial problems and illness.” The pair rescued it from a tip run when their landlord left it out with the rubbish. Mrjoiee describes himself and his flatmate waking up, “screaming in pain”, and having a constant feeling of impending doom when they were home. “Truthfully, we both love the look of the mirror … but just being around this mirror gives me the creeps and makes me feel sick to my stomach.” “I would ideally like it to go to somebody who has experience with the paranormal/supernatural and knows what they are getting themselves in for.” The mirror had not received any bids at the time of writing.”

Spooky amateur photo: “AN innocent reflection or a window to a poltergeist? That has been the question gnawing at an amateur photographer who uploaded some pictures she took of a landscape photograph framed in an old window, only to be stunned to discover what looks like the ghost of a small boy staring back at her. “I said ‘Oh my God, what is that?”‘ the photographer, who wishes to remain anonymous, said. But what really raised the hairs on the back of her neck was the realisation the old window she used for the frame was from a boarding school in western NSW that dates back to 1886. She took several pictures, mostly from the same angle, but the ghostly figure that looks as if it’s riding on the back of the dilapidated horse-drawn carriage only appeared in one frame. “I waited for the clouds to come over so there was no reflection because it was (framed) behind the original glass of the window,” she said. Despite being a sceptic to all things paranormal, the woman said the photo later strangely left her with a sense of “calm”. She took the unexplained picture on a small Lumix digital camera and maintains it has not been doctored or manipulated in any way.”

Dumb luck: “TWO brothers who celebrated a $75,000 winning lottery ticket by buying marijuana and meth then accidentally blew up their house. The explosion sent one of the brothers to hospital with second-degree burns on his hands, arms and chest. The other brother was sent to jail, The Wichita Eagle reports. The brothers were in a Wichita house on Friday night when one went to the kitchen to refuel the butane torches they planned to use to light their bongs. He emptied two large cans of butane lighter fluid, leaking butane into the air. “The butane vapour reached the pilot light in the furnace, and as you might expect, ka-boom,” said Sgt Bruce Watts of the Wichita Police Department.”

Policeman refereeing football match tackles teenager as he ran across the pitch chased by officers: “An off-duty police superintendent who was refereeing an amateur football match tackled a suspected criminal when he ran onto the pitch chased by other officers. Paul Beddow was officiating a Sunday league game when two men ran across the pitch in Hartlepool, County Durham. The pair were being tailed by officers after abandoning their Fiat car and trying to flee on foot following a police chase. But 46-year-old Superintendent Beddow was on hand to help his colleagues and dragged one suspect to the ground by his hood while players helped catch the other man yesterday morning. The men were being chased after the car they were travelling in failed to stop for police. Five men in their late teens and early 20s have been arrested in connection with the incident and were being held in police custody.”

Roadworkers can’t spell “Welsh”: “Bungling workers have been slammed after they erected a sign for a historic Welsh bridge – but misspelled it ‘Whelsh’. Sign-makers were unable to get the basic word right on the road sign in Shrewsbury, Shropshire. A yellow sign was put by the roadside to advise drivers that the town’s Grade II listed Welsh Bridge was closed on Sunday for roadworks. Bill Ball, from the Queen’s English Society, yesterday criticised the glaring blunder by National Grid workmen, branding it a ‘sad reflection of modern standards in education’. He said: ‘It’s unbelievable they could make such a fundamental error. ‘Everybody has words they can’t spell, that is understandable – but this is a basic error. ‘Spelling countries in the United Kingdom correctly is something you should be able to do in primary school. ‘They should be ashamed of themselves.'”

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