Truer words were never spoken

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Odd news from around the world

Terrorist who escaped jail in burka caught after taking veil off when he boarded a bus full of police: “A convicted terrorist who escaped from prison wearing a body-covering Islamic burka was immediately arrested on a bus when he took the veil off – because many of the other passengers happened to be anti-terrorist police. Roki Aprisdianto was serving six years in jail on the Indonesian island of Java when he made his get-away after a group of burka-clad women came to visit their husbands. Under the flowing robes, he walked out of the prison with the women, undetected by officers, and laid low for a few weeks in the east Java town of Madiun. According to police, when the heat died down he put the burka back on and made his way to the local bus station where he purchased a ticket to travel to the town of Solo. Once seated on the bus, and certain that his escape plot had been a total success, he removed the headgear part of the gown, revealing his male features. Unfortunately for Aprisdianto, a large number of Indonesia’s anti-terror squad were travelling on the bus – and the escaper was immediately arrested.”

Teacher in France is suspended for asking teenage class to write suicide notes for homework: “A teacher has been suspended after asking a class full of teenagers to write suicide notes. The man, who has not been named, is a French teacher at the Antoine-Delafont school in Montmoreau-Saint-Cybard, near Angouleme, France. He told the 13 to 14 year olds to imagine what they would say to themselves if they were about to end their lives out of ‘disgust’ for their lives. Jean-Marie Renault, the school head, confirmed that the teacher had now been ‘officially notified’ of his suspension, following complaints from parents. ‘It was suggested that a student was on the point of putting an end to his life and describing it,’ said Mr Renault. ‘This appears quite disturbing’. He said the teacher had confessed to feeling ‘confused’ when he set the writing exercise, and later regretted it. But one unnamed parent said : ‘We are appalled that subjects like this can be offered to children between thirteen and fourteen years of age.'”

Strange car: “As a self-confessed petrol head, Jeremy Clarkson is known for his love of flash motors with powerful engines. But the Top Gear presenter displayed his boyish streak, when he was spotted driving the spitting image of a toy car. The 52-year-old presenter looked like Buzz Lightyear from the classic animation Toy Story as he took a spin around London’s Mayfair in the vehicle. Wearing a bizarre helmet style contraption that seemed to be connected to the car’s body, Jeremy looked positively futuristic as he filmed a scene for the latest series of his popular BBC 2 show Top Gear. The sight of the presenter in the car will come as a surprise to fans of the programme who are used to seeing the presenter driving around at breakneck speed. However the two blue racing stripes travelling up and down the car’s shell could mean the little motor is more powerful than it looks.”

Mayan armageddon tourists flock to ANOTHER mountain which believers say houses an ‘alien pyramid with magic powers’: “With ten days to go before the Mayan apocalypse supposedly casts Earth into oblivion, time is running out for believers to find alien salvation. But for those who have failed to book their spot in the shadow of France’s Pic de Bugarach – apparently home to an extra-terrestrial mothership that will pluck believers to safety – there is another peak with similar powers. Nestled deep within Serbia’s Carpathian mountain range, Mount Rtanj is thought to house a ‘pyramidal’ structure left behind by alien visitors thousands of years ago that will emit a powerful force field at the moment of Armageddon, protecting those in its vicinity. Now, hotels in the area are overflowing with doomsday cultists hoping to live past Christmas. ‘In one day we had 500 people trying to book rooms. People want to bring their whole families,’ Obrad Blecic, a local hotel manager, told The Telegraph.”

Sikh soldier makes history as he guards Buckingham Palace wearing turban: “Changing the Guard at Buckingham Palace yesterday also offered a glimpse into the changing face of Britain. Standing alongside his fellow Scots Guardsmen resplendent in their bearskins was Sikh Jatinderpal Singh Bhullar – the first soldier in his 180-year-old regiment to swap the traditional headwear for a turban. Sikhs have guarded the Queen many times before but have always worn the bearskin. The 25-year-old former builder from West Bromwich – who will also be distinguishable from his fellow soldiers in F Company Scots Guards by his beard – had dreamed of joining the Army since learning as a boy that his grandfather had served in the First World War. Guardsman Bhullar has just joined F Company Scots Guards – what is known as an ‘incremental company’ of soldiers responsible for delivering ceremonial duties in London.”

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