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Man with his dogs returns to their home after Hurricane Isaac passed through Slidell, Louisiana




Odd news from around the world

Booze and sugar found in outer space: “Astronomers announced that ‘sugar’ has been found floating freely in space. The simple molecules were spotted floating in the gas cloud around a star around 400 light-years away. The team of astronomers from the Niels Bohr Institute, in Copenhagen, were observing star ‘Rho Ophiuch’ with the new large international telescope, Atacama Large Millimeter Array (ALMA) in northern Chile when they made their discovery. Naturally, this is not the granular sugar that you find in white packets in supermarkets, but organic carbohydrates molecules, made of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. The molecules, called glycoaldehyde, are the simplest of sugar molecules, and can be found on earth in the form of an oderless white powder. With the very high resolution of the new telescopes, researchers now have the opportunity to study the details of the dust and gas clouds, and in addition to the sugar molecules the researchers also saw signs of a number of other complex organic molecules, including ethylene-glycol, methyl-formate and ethanol.”

Russian channel to censor The Simpsons: “A Russian television channel says it will censor The Simpsons cartoon series to comply with a new law banning scenes of violence, drinking and smoking before a late evening watershed. The 2×2 channel, aimed at young adults, told AFP it would cut scenes where the Simpsons family watches a spoof ultra-violent cartoon called The Itchy & Scratchy Show after the law comes into force on Friday. ‘‘Under the new law we cannot show The Itchy & Scratchy Show from The Simpsons’’ before 11 pm, said general director Lev Makarov.”

Men really DO prefer blondes when picking a date: “It is an age-old saying that is regularly contested. But unfortunately for all the glossy brunettes out there, it seems that men really do prefer blondes when choosing a date. The latest survey revealed that men are 3 per cent more likely to opt for a blonde over a brunette. The survey, that analysed what people look for when choosing the perfect date, also found that 27 per cent of men prefer curvy females. Reassuringly for most women, just two per cent of men want someone with a supermodel’s shape. Both men and women would choose a nice face over a great body when picking a partner, the statistics from dating site show. Psychologist Dr Simon Moore, of London Metropolitan University, said: ‘Society has created this blonde versus brunette divide. ‘Far more blondes than brunettes appear on our television and movie screens, so we’re going to be conditioned to finding them more attractive.”

Iceland tourist unwittingly joins search for HERSELF: “A tourist who joined in the search after a member of her bus party went missing was able to help track the woman down – when she realised it was herself they were looking forward. The woman was declared missing from a party touring the Eldgja volcanic region in south Iceland after getting off the party’s bus to freshen up. She only hopped off the bus breifly, but had also changed her clothes – and her fellow travellers did not recognise her when she climbed back on again to continue the party’s journey. Soon the search began for a woman described as Asian, around 160cm, in dark clothing and speaking English well. After a night-long operation involving around 50 people, the ‘missing woman’ eventually realised she was the source of the search and informed police.”

That Chicago charm: “A Chicago father bravely stood up to a stranger who tried to abduct his toddler daughter from their family outing at Daley Plaza in the center of the city on August 25. The man grabbed Myla Davis-Green, 2, shouting ‘this is my daughter, Goldilocks,’ and attempted to run off with her, hitting Kelly Davis in the face and trying to wrestle him away from his daughters. Mr Davis, 31, managed to protect his daughters and chase the man, identified as James Gates [above], 55, through Chicago’s streets for half an hour until he was arrested and Mr Davis could be sure his daughters were safe. ‘We were playing on the Picasso and sliding and having fun,’ Mr Davis said to ABC. ‘And then I noticed that this guy was heading in our direction and his attention was focused our way.’ ‘As he got closer, I realized he wasn’t making eye contact with me,’ Mr Davis said. ‘And he gets even closer and I notice he has this fixation on my daughters.’ ‘I looked over and he was actually stepping up onto the statue and trying to reach around my left side and grab my daughter,’ Mr Davis said.” Mr Davis tried to push the man away, but Mr Gates swung at Mr Davis, hitting him in the face before running off. Mr Davis stayed hot on his heels.”

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