What is that Scotsman doing to his beast?

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He is combing its hair! The pic is from Islay so it’s probably a Highland cow.




Odd news from around the world

Mystery of the pigeon fanciers’ ‘Bermuda triangle’: “It is a mystery that pigeon fanciers have likened to the riddle of the Bermuda triangle, but this time the setting is a rural corner of north east England. Hundreds of racing birds have disappeared in unexplained circumstances after being released in the region. Experts are baffled at the phenomenon, with abnormally high rainfall, high levels of solar activity and even signals from a spy base being blamed. Pigeon fanciers have compared it to the disappearance of ships and aircraft in an area of the Atlantic bounded by Miami, Bermuda and Puerto Rico. But now the mystery centres on a geographical area encompassing Thirsk, Wetherby and Consett. In the latest episode, only 13 out of 232 birds released in Thirsk last Saturday by a Scottish pigeon racing club made it back to Galashiels in the Scottish Borders. Keith Simpson, of the East Cleveland Federation of pigeon fanciers, said racers across the region had suffered huge losses since the season started in April, with many losing more than half their birds.”

Loudmouth woman condemned: “The police were right to intervene after a South Australian couple’s overly passionate love-making drove the whole neighbourhood wild, our poll has found. An adelaidenow poll taken yesterday found that about two-thirds of 3300 people believed the police did the right thing in clamping down. After repeated complaints about their passionate but noisy love-making, police were forced to step in to give their neighbours some peace and quiet. The SA couple may be the first to be charged with offences under the Environmental Protection Act – as a direct result of their noisy sex. On Sunday night, Ms Angel, 34, allegedly the loudest, was issued with an emergency Environment Protection Order by police. The 72-hour order required her to cease “emanating any and all environmental nuisance” including “screaming, loud moaning, swearing and raised voices”. One neighbour said he was woken by the couple early Tuesday when he “heard screams”. “It was quite loud and they sounded very obscene,” he said.”

Nobody wants a secondhand Volvo: “A Volvo S80 loses more of its value over three years than any other car, research shows. It typically costs £32,229 new but by 2015 will be worth just £6,220, a drop of 80 per cent. The best at holding its value is the £80,000 Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet, which will lose 45 per cent of its value in three years, making it worth £44,000. The list was based on forecasts by industry experts CAP and car magazine Auto Express. This contained more than 40,000 models, prices, percentages and predictions. The data reveals the winners and losers among cars bought this summer when their values are thrown forward three years. The figures – not normally revealed outside the car industry – show that the least depreciating cars lost less than 50 per cent of their value after three years or 30,000 miles after being purchased new.”

Smart dog: “Bella the dog survived a 100ft cliff fall and then walked to the holiday home she had only been to once before as her owner searched for her. The Labrador’s incredible homing instinct saw her trudge one mile to the unfamiliar property having escaped the near life-threatening fall. Owner Chris Sexton spent 30 minutes desperately scouring the seaside cliffs and beach for his beloved pet before his wife called to say Bella had arrived home safe and well. The 15-month-old black dog plunged off the cliff as she chased after a seagull while out for a walk with Chris, 68, at Peveril Point, near Swanage, Dorset. She bounced down the sloping rock face before coming to rest in one piece on the beach below. She walked along the South West Coast Path and then made her way down several residential streets until she found the family’s holiday home in Swanage. Chris said: ‘She is only 15-months-old. I walked her down to the cliffs from the holiday home last summer but I would never have thought she would have remembered the route.”

Old car only went to church on Sunday: “On the road for almost a century – this is the world’s oldest Morris Minor. The 85 year old British-built classic – with a top speed of 40 miles per hour – has only had three owners. It had been left to rust in a Scottish barn for 35 years before Jock, 72, secured it for a song. The retired hotelier spent ten years restoring the iconic vehicle using original parts and now takes it to vintage rallies. ‘This car and I have had some adventures together. When I drive the Morris Minor though the streets, it always brings a smile to people’s faces. The four seater with a 847cc engine runs off modern unleaded petrol has no modern suspension. In 1983 Jock tracked down the Morris Minor’s original owner, 94 year old former teacher Miss Elizabeth Fraser, to show her the restored car. Jock said: ‘Miss Fraser bought the car in Inverness in 1928, however she found the roads at the time too dangerous to drive on. ‘She only used it to go to church on Sundays, so it was mostly in a garage for the first ten years of its life.”

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