Are freckles “in” now?

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Israeli supermodel Bar Rafaeli portrayed without makeup or photoshopping. Who knew that she had freckles on her face?




Odd news from around the world

A pantomime villain: “As far as armed robbers go, James Allan will not be remembered as a criminal mastermind. In what can only be described as a farcical raid on a corner shop, he failed to ensure he had a foolproof disguise and a meticulously planned gateway. For starters, he brandished a toy gun. Then, the dopey 28-year-old unveiled his disguise by whipping off his balaclava in full view of the shop’s CCTV camera. And that was before things went from bad to worse, as he struggled to exit via the one-way door. Not only did staff know him as a regular. As he attempted to leave the shop, Allan, who was pushing instead of pulling the door, then attempted to kick out the glass panel but toppled backwards into a drinks display, sending bottles skidding across the floor. Baffled store manager Angela Croke, keen to see the back of him, even went to his aid and helped him leave the store on March 2 this year. Allan was picked up by police just three hours after his botched robbery, still on the same street and with his balaclava stuffed in his pocket.”

Good ol’ British bungledom again: Railway station access ramp too low: “Mothers with prams and wheelchair users are being forced to make a five-mile rail diversion – because a ramp on a platform was built six inches too low. Network Rail started work on the £1million, 50ft access ramp at Heald Green, in Greater Manchester, last November. But company bosses realised in April a flaw in the design meant it would not sit flush with the pavement on the lane outside. The ramp has now been fenced off while the problem is fixed – meaning travellers in a wheelchair or with a pushchair from Manchester cannot get off at the platform. Network Rail has asked Stockport council to redesign and lower the pavement at Finney Lane to fit the ramp. Peter Burns, a councillor for Heald Green, said it had been a ‘monumental blunder’ not to get the height of the ramp right. He added: ‘It is not rocket science. The road has not moved and the platform has not moved.”

Man bites snake: “A Nepalese farmer who was bitten by a venomous snake took revenge by sinking his teeth into the reptile and killing it. Mohamed Salmo Miya was farming near his village southeast of Kathmandu when he encountered the deadly common cobra, said district police chief Uma Prasad Chatrubedi. ‘The snake bit him while he was working in his paddy field on Tuesday evening and the man chased it and killed it.’ Miya was treated at a local clinic and is recovering at home. ‘I was very angry after the snake bit into me. Then I followed the snake, grabbed it and bit it to death,” the 55-year-old told the Nepali-language Annapurna Post. ‘I could have killed it with a stick but I was mad with anger and wanted to take revenge. I killed it with my teeth.'”

A family snake: “Spare a thought for the Rice family who share their home with a 17-foot-long albino python. Lilly, who lives with her owners in a three bedroom detached house in Guyhirn, Cambridgeshire, has been measured, held and even lined up against the family’s ford focus – which she is bigger than by more than a nose. ‘Lilly has a wonderful personality,’ said Kim. ‘She is very placid and is so laid back that children love her. Lilly is much less trouble to keep than my two dogs to be honest. We can let her wonder around the garden, particularly on the grass on a hot day, which she loves. ‘But we do need to make sure she is watched at all times. If she wandered off she would give someone the fright of their lives.’ ‘We bought Lilly when she was a baby,’ said Kim. ‘She is seven years-old now which means she is still growing. We think one day she will reach about 20-foot-long. ‘She eats about one rabbit every three weeks and does spend a lot of time sleeping.”

A starry wedding photo: “As wedding photographs go, this extraordinary shot is certainly out of this world. A couple were delighted when talented photographer Lakshal Perera managed to capture them with the star-filled Milky Way as their backdrop. Amazingly, the image was taken in a single 71 second exposure, with the camera’s sensor set to extra sensitive to capture the dim light from the distant stars, as newly-married Shirley and Warren Andrews stood very still. It was taken on a farm in Deniliquin, New South Wales, Australia, where ex-pat Shirley lives and works with her new Aussie husband. ‘The owner of the farm had very kindly allowed them to use the back shed which just last week had been filled with tractors and farm tools. The shed was lit with a single string of very dim fairy lights and about 50 candles. It was only one photo and they stood pretty damn still.”

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  2. should have said yuk this is as bad as ginger hair or studs in the tongue disgusting

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