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Odd news from around the world

Bungling British burglar caught after leaving his Jobseeker’s Allowance paperwork at scene of crime: “A hapless burglar was tracked down and jailed after he left his Jobseeker’s Allowance paperwork at the garage he had repeatedly targetted. Mark Cooper, 23, broke into West Exe Motors, in Tiverton, Devon, five times in two months, causing thousands of pounds of damage. Owner Alan Collins said Cooper’s repeated break-ins had left him with a bill of more than £2,000 for repairs and insurance excesses and worry over when his business would next be struck. Cooper, admitted five burglaries of Westexe Motors, two offences of taking cars without consent, driving without a licence and insurance, and asked for 12 other cases to be considered. He was jailed for 15 months at Exeter Crown Court on Friday and Judge Graham Cottle told him: ‘You committed a whole host of offences over a short period of time, many in relation to motor vehicles.”

British women putting diaper cream on their faces: “For nearly a century sudocrem has been a firm favourite among mothers for treating their baby’s sore skin. But as the recession takes its toll on the ordinary British women, the tried and tested product is proving useful for multiple purposes. Soaring numbers of people are using the antiseptic cream to help combat acne, cold sores and dry skin as a cheaper alternative to the more expensive beauty products on the shelves. Nationwide chemist Superdrug has reported a staggering 150 per cent rise in the sale of sudocrem from February last year. Priced at £2.75 a tub, the multipurpose cream is a lot more affordable for families struggling to cope with a tightened household budget. The cream was first used nearly 80 years ago and was traditionally used to treat nappy rash. But Superdrug say sudocrem’s use as a beauty product has been a secret for decades. They say it is great for soothing dry skin patches and preventing outbreaks of acne.”

Commuter accused of sex act on train walks free from court after telling court he was strumming an ‘imaginary banjo’: “A commuter accused of indecency on a train has walked free after telling a court he was strumming an imaginary banjo. Before Melvyn Webb was acquitted, the judge in his trial had informed the jury that men do sometimes innocently ‘fiddle with themselves in public’. The case arose after a woman complained of seeing a newspaper moving on his lap as he breathed heavily. Mr Webb, 54, denied a single charge of outraging public decency on the 7.08am Basingstoke to Reading train, saying he was merely adjusting his underwear. After his arrest, the health and safety adviser told police: ‘For my sins I play the banjo, so sometimes I do, with my hands, pick out a pattern on my knees.’”

The crook who wants to be noticed: “Sheriff’s deputies in Arizona got way more than they bargained for when the stopped a driver whose face was overwhelmed with tattoos. Angel Mendez was pulled over on Sunday, and had to be restrained by officers from the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office. The 33-year-old was arrested and booked by the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office. But it wasn’t his taste in tattoos that got Mendez thrown into the slammer – he was wanted on various criminal offences, including violation of a promise to appear in court. He was additionally charged with possession of marijuana, resisting arrest, driving without a licence and possession of a defaced weapon.”

A little girl who loves a plane: “There are a great many things you might expect at the top of a nine-year-old girl’s wishlist… but to pilot a military spyplane isn’t one. For Ellie Carter, though, that dream came true (almost) when she raced at 120mph in the chase car following a U-2 jet as it came in to land. Ellie , from Great Torrington, Devon, wrote to the organisers of the the world’s largest military airshow asking if they could feature her favourite aircraft the following summer. After her mother, Lorna Carter, got in touch it was arranged by the crew of the U-2 spyplane – who had been inspired by Ellie’s letter – for her to come to the US airbase and be shown around the aircraft. The crew of the U-2 said when they heard about Ellie’s letter they wanted to be part of making her dream come true and give her the opportunity to see the plane up close. ‘Ellie’s story was made aware to us several weeks ago and it’s very unique for a girl of her age to have search a unique interest in our aircraft, so it caught a lot of attention both with our squadron and the greater air force as a whole,’ Captain Ray Tierney said.”

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