Government Workers’ Recliner

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Wal-Mart is having a sale on Government Recliners. I got curious as to this item, so went to find out what a Government Recliner was.

Guess what? I have had one for years! I have just figured out I have been using mine incorrectly.




Odd news from around the world

Mother ordered to pay back sterile ‘dad’: “A mother has been ordered to repay child support to a man she claimed was her son’s father after he found he could not conceive. The man spent nine years believing the child was his after what he says was a “one-night stand”, the Herald Sun reported. The woman has now been ordered to repay the $3730 he paid in child support. The couple, who cannot be identified, met on the internet in late 2000 and had a brief rendezvous in 2001. The woman claimed she believed he was the only person who could have been the dad. But the man discovered last year, while trying to conceive a child with his new partner, that he was “physiologically incapable of conceiving a child”. A test later excluded him as the father. The woman told the Federal Magistrates Court she now remembered having had a one-night encounter with another man.”

Chinese Woman climbs 70ft wall… just to dodge £2.50 castle admission fee: “Nimble Ma Jei astonished tourists when she scrambled 70ft up a virtually sheer castle wall in eastern China – just to dodge the £2.50 admission fee. Thrifty Jei – who had no rope or safety equipment – told fellow visitors she’d grown up in Nanjing, Jiangsu province, climbing the walls of Zhonghau Castle since childhood and had never once paid to get in. But unfortunately her stunt encouraged other visitors to follow her example – with two falling and breaking their legs and three others having to be rescued by police. ‘She ran up the wall like a goat and made it look easy. But when people tried it for themselves they saw it wasn’t quite as simple as they thought,’ explained one tourist.”

Eating a popsicle can be sexual harassment? “The next time you are eating an ice lolly in the office, be warned: you could be sexually harassing your colleagues. That, at least, is the bizarre suggestion from a group of lawyers calling for new sexual harassment laws to include women who eat ‘too provocatively’ in public. The Finnish team has even released a video showing a young female office worker sucking an ice lolly in a highly suggestive manner. Male colleagues look away awkwardly as she moans and licks the lolly in the minute-long clip. A question then appears on the screen asking: ‘Is this sexual harassment? We know the answer.’ The Finnish Lawyers Association, which represents thousands of legal experts in the country, said on its website: ‘We have released this video to raise a very difficult issue. Sexual harassment in the workplace can target anyone, men or women.”

Plastic bags instead of toilets on Dutch trains: “Dutch train passengers are out of luck if they get caught short on their journey. Those embarking on short-haul journeys will have to use specially designed plastic bags if they need to go to the toilet. The national rail operator says that the bags will only be used in an emergency, when passengers are trapped on a train. ‘Sprinter’ trains, which run between the Netherlands’ main cities, were designed without bathrooms to save space. The idea of using plastic bags instead, due to be introduced from today, has been met with scepticism by politicians and the public. A spokesman for the train company has confirmed that the ‘pee-bag’ plan is not a joke. The bags will be kept in the conductor’s booth, out of sight of passengers.”

Restaurant offers meal served on gold-plated china looted from Saddam Hussein’s palaces: “A New York restaurant is offering a new meal fit for a depot: for $38 diners can eat venison with date syrup on gold-plated china that once served Saddam Hussein. The dishes were looted from the Iraqi dictator’s luxurious palaces and have found their way to Park Avenue Autumn for a dish called ‘Spoils’ created by an Iraqi-American. This isn’t the first publicity stunt for the restaurant, whose name changes with the seasons. It scored headlines when executive chef Kevin Lasko created a broccoli dish topped with Cheetos. ‘This project … links the history of the United States and Iraq through the timeless experience of food, rather than the more recent link of conflict,’ a statement from the restaurant said.”

And don’t forget to catch up with all the Strange Justice before you go.


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