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Odd news from around the world

MI: Homecoming queen kicks game-winning field goal: “Brianna Amat is not just Pinckney Community High School’s first female kicker on the varsity football team, she also now has the distinction of being the first girl to win homecoming queen and kick a game-winning field goal on the same night. Pickney head football coach Dan Burkholder told WBJK that Amat had played soccer since she was three, but wanted a new challenge for her senior year.”

Australian railroad dictates the color of its employees’ undergarments: “Queensland’s Transport Minister has defended a policy of ordering rail workers not to wear coloured underwear, calling the directive a “common sense approach”. The Station Service Manual sets outs guidelines for Queensland Rail staff including the instruction “coloured undergarments must not be worn under blouses or shirts as this can create an unprofessional appearance”. Staff who contacted The Courier-Mail said it was not an issue before the introduction of new uniforms in April made with flimsy, near transparent fabric. Australian Service Union branch secretary Kath Nelson said if the uniforms were made with “appropriate material” the issue of underwear would not have arisen. “Workers should be free to choose their own undergarments,” Ms Nelson said.”

‘Armed robber’ caught after losing his nerve: “A man who allegedly carried out a spree of armed robberies in Sydney’s south-west this week – including one with a blood-filled syringe – was caught after losing his nerve, police say. The man, 21, was arrested yesterday – because he ran away when he saw officers on patrol, police said. He was not committing a crime at the time, police said. Detective Inspector Mark Kellert of Macquarie Fields police said officers were patrolling near Ingleburn train station when they noticed a man acting “suspiciously”. “He saw police walking towards him, and he sat down on a chair at the railway station. Then, as police walked closer towards him, he ran away,” Detective Inspector Kellert said. The man was wanted for allegedly carrying out three armed robberies in the space of a week.”

Unemployed woman wins $26 million lottery prize — after mistake: “Lottery officials in the US say a store assistant’s mistake led to a woman who has been searching for a job to win $US25 million. Georgia Lottery officials said Kathy Scruggs, 44, matched all of the winning numbers in the September 14 multistate Powerball draw. She said she had requested a Mega Millions ticket but was also given a Powerball ticket, which she agreed to pay for. Ms Scruggs claimed her prize on Monday at Georgia Lottery headquarters in Atlanta. Ms Scruggs said she selected the cash option and will receive $US15,124,017 before taxes. Ms Scruggs, who has been looking for a job, now plans to buy a car, travel, and help her family and others.

The wonder stuff that could change the world: Graphene is so strong a sheet of it as thin as clingfilm could support an elephant: “The stuff is tougher than diamond, but stretches like rubber. It is virtually invisible, conducts electricity and heat better than any copper wire and weighs next to nothing. Meet graphene — an astonishing new material which could revolutionise almost every part of our lives. In terms of its economics, one of the most exciting parts of the graphene story is its cost. Normally when scientists develop a new wonder material, the price is eye-wateringly high. But graphene is made by chemically processing graphite — the cheap material in the ‘lead’ of pencils. For a material with so much promise, it has an incredibly simple chemical structure. A sheet of graphene is just a single layer of carbon atoms, locked together in a strongly-bonded honeycomb pattern. That makes it the thinnest material ever made.”

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