She married a rich Jewish doctor twice her age. I wonder why?

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Odd news from around the world

Free-for-all after computerized supermarket opens by itself on Good Friday: “A computer glitch at a New Zealand supermarket led to its doors being opened despite being officially closed, allowing shoppers to walk away with free groceries. At 8am Friday, the New Zealand supermarket’s computerized system opened its doors and switched on its lights, ready for business as usual. The only problem was nobody had actually told the computer it was Good Friday, a day when supermarkets in New Zealand don’t open, and there was not a checkout person in sight. That didn’t stop the locals in the North Island city of Hamilton, and soon the Pak ‘n Save aisles were as busy as any normal day, although shoppers were filling their carts and walking straight past the checkout to their cars. Police, alerted by a member of the public who told them dozens of people were leaving with “truckloads of groceries,” raced to the scene but by then most people had finished their “shopping” and already left.”

Pair clock up $5000 taxi fare across US: “Two friends who hired a New York City cab driver to drive them across the US for $US5000 have arrived in Los Angeles. John Belitsky and Dan Wuebben have reached California after a six-day trip. The cab made a pit stop in Las Vegas, where the friends won more than $2000 at the craps and blackjack tables. They told the New York Post that they woke up cabbie Mohammed Alam “with a shower of $100 bills”. The pair told the newspaper the idea for the trip was hatched during a birthday party. The two friends haven’t yet said how they’ll get back. The cab driver says a friend will help him make the drive home.”

Happy Meal: Teenager scoops a £500,000 jackpot after eating his first Big Mac: “A teenager got more than he bargained after he popped into McDonald’s for his first Big Mac and walked away with £500,000. Shocked Josh Sargeant, 17, hit the jackpot after taking part in the food chain’s Monopoly Game in which participants have to collect different stickers. Players receive ‘streets’ with their food and drink meals and qualify for prizes by collecting matching sets. The lucky teen had been given Park Lane and completed the set after finding a ‘Mayfair’ sticker on his soft drink.”

What a stinker! World’s smelliest flower opens for the first time in a DECADE: “For botanists, it doesn’t get more exciting than this – after 75 years, the Titan Arum plant has unfurled its leaves and is in full bloom. For curious crowds who gathered, they perhaps realised that a once-in-a-lifetime look is more than enough – thanks to its pungent odour of rotting flesh. The flower, nicknamed ‘Corpse flower’, bloomed late on Good Friday at the University of Basel, Switzerland and is expected to remain open until Easter Sunday. The eight foot plant, which is indigenous to Sumatra’s rainforests in Indonesia, has the largest unbranched shoot in the world. On average, they bloom once in a decade. It produces umbrella-sized petals which open to a diameter of three to four feet. Its distinctive smell can be detected from half a mile away. The odour, which is usually strongest at night, is meant to attract pollinators such as carrion beetles and flesh flies.”

‘Sterilised’ mom has baby: “A mother who became pregnant within months of a sterilisation operation is suing the hospital for the cost of raising the child. The Supreme Court legal action could see the Gippsland mother receive as much as $200,000 in compensation from the hospital that performed the allegedly bungled sterilisation procedure. The mother and her husband had five children when they opted for the permanent birth-control method. The couple are seeking hundreds of thousands of dollars to raise the boy to the age of 21, including education and medical expenses. “We love our children very much, but the addition of a sixth child has put a big strain on our family financially,” the mother told the Sunday Herald Sun. Ms Booth said this was a case of “medical mismanagement”. The woman had since undergone a successful sterilisation, where the surgeon found the Filshie clip on the right side was not on the fallopian tube, but attached to the peritoneum – a membrane lining the abdomen.” [Dumb surgeon!]

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