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Odd news from around the world

TX: Man crusades against speed traps: “Three years ago, when Lakeway resident Lance Mitchell launched his website, SpeedTrapAhead.org, he didn’t hide his intentions. “Not a lot of people flash their lights to warn others nowadays,” he wrote. “But, I DO! And when I see a speed trap, I go back up the road a bit, and stand on the sidewalk, wearing my SpeedTrapAhead T-shirt.” …. According to Mitchell’s video account of the event, a black police cruiser soon arrives. Mitchell asks if he is being detained. When he hands over a card with his name, address and birth date, Debrow demands his driver’s license. As Mitchell begins to explain how, technically, that is not legally required as he was not driving, Debrow abruptly orders Mitchell handcuffed and placed under arrest….. [Judge] Madison found Mitchell not guilty on all counts. A month after the trial, Mitchell filed a federal lawsuit against the City of Lakeway, Debrow, the code enforcement officer and Almaguer complaining that he “was arrested, jailed and prosecuted … and deprived of his First Amendment rights merely because he wore a shirt and sported a decal on his truck with a message that reads speedtrapahead.org.” Last month, both sides reached a confidential settlement.”

Detroit: Drug smuggler says heroin was for his sick grandma: “Skip “my dog ate my homework” – how about “my grandma needs my heroin?” One desperate man tried that excuse after being nabbed with $50,000 of heroin at Detroit Metropolitan Airport, telling investigators he smuggled in the illegal drugs for his ill grandmother, federal authorities said in a complaint unsealed late Tuesday. Steven Patong Thao, 53, arrived in Detroit the day after Christmas on a connecting flight from Laos. At customs, inspectors uncovered a pair of full pill bottles in his luggage, including one that had cleared security in his carry-on. His story quickly unraveled. Thao defended himself, saying he was “required to consume 12 capsules daily” for treatment of high blood pressure and diabetes. Told he was being held overnight, he changed his story. “He explained that the capsules were intended for use by [his] grandmother as a form of pain relief, because she was very old,” said an investigator.”

Pennsylvania man steals video games from coffin: “State police in Pennsylvania arrested a man accused of stealing video games from the casket of a 17-year-old boy who was killed in a Christmas Day car crash. Jody Bennett, 37, allegedly took a Game Boy, a Game Boy Light and three games from the open casket of his deceased family friend, Bradley McCombs Jr, at a memorial service in Indiana County on Monday night, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette said. Mr Bennett, who has a history of alcohol and drug-related charges, apparently fled the service after the boy’s grieving family confronted him. He was charged with vandalism, theft, harassment, disorderly conduct and abuse of a corpse and is being held on $15,000 bail.”

Woman strangled by neck massager: “A woman has died after authorities say she was accidentally strangled by a electronic neck massager on Christmas Eve. Authorities believe Michelle Ferrari-Gegerson’s necklace got caught in the massager and it quickly tightened around her neck. Her husband found her body on the bedroom floor next to the neck massager and called emergency services. Paramedics pronounced Ferrari-Gegerson, a 37-year-old doctor from South Florida, dead at the scene. According to Broward Sheriff’s authorities, Ferrari-Gegerson spent the evening wrapping gifts and getting ready for work while using the massager to relieve neck pain.”

Hog hams it up in Piggabeen: “A wild pig has been avenging his Christmas ham brethren by wreaking havoc on a small community near Tweed Heads called –– wait for it –– Piggabeen. For the past month, the pig, often seen wandering with a stray dog, has been invading yards, climbing on car bonnets and trawling through bins. Disgruntled locals have tried everything from chasing the troublesome duo away to spraying them with garden hoses, but the pests have so far managed to evade capture. Local banana farmer Ron Dawney said he had seen the pig more than once and even saw one local property owner chasing it off his land with a stockwhip. So far no one has been injured by either Piggabeen’s porker or his sidekick, who seem more intent on scavenging for food scraps than roughing up the locals, though a few car bonnets and wheelie bins have come off second best.”

And don’t forget to catch up with all the Strange Justice before you go.

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  1. “Last month, both sides reached a confidential settlement.”

    Looks like Mr Speed-trap crusader sold out his “fight for justice and the American way” for a monetary payout from the local cops!

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