Goodbye mousie

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It’s hard enough for mice having to deal with cats, so spare a thought for rodents that live anywhere an African bullfrog may lurk. The huge frogs are the lions of the amphibian world – ambush predators that can leap more than 3m. They are very aggressive and have tooth-like protrusions which can inflict a nasty bite




Odd news from around the world

Famous urinal: “The Regatta Hotel may be a gracious, 106-year-old link to Brisbane’s past, but it’s the 10-year-old toilets that have captured the attention of tourists – and the international press. The BBC and Lonely Planet have listed the Toowong public bar as the only Australian inclusion in the world’s “top 10 weird bars and restaurants” thanks to the pub’s “loo with a view.” Legend among locals for years, the one-way mirror wall in the male toilets was installed by the hotel’s previous owner close to a decade ago. Running the length of the men’s urinal trough, the wall allows gents to satisfy natural and voyeuristic urges simultaneously; they can look out, but no-one can see in.”

Canadian couple give away lottery winnings: “A Canadian couple who donated almost $10.2 million in lottery winnings to various organisations in their community say they’re just plain country folks who didn’t need more than what they have. Allen and Violet Large said yesterday they won $10.9 million in a July 14 Lotto 649 draw and decided to bank 2 per cent for a rainy day and give away the rest. After taking care of their family, they donated almost 98 per cent of their prize to churches, fire departments, cemeteries and the Red Cross in Lower Truro, as well as hospitals where Violet, who has cancer, has undergone treatment. Allan Large, 75, says after retiring from a 30-year career as a welder, he and his wife were happy with what they had and the way their life was going.”

Dress shop in a bus: “Erin Sutherland loved “old stuff” so much she all but travelled back in time to convert a 1965 British double-decker bus into a vintage dress shop. The 36-year-old American has just opened the Bristol Lodekka bus for business parked in a vacant lot in the US city of Portland, reported Oregon Live. As the singer in a 1930s-style jazz band Stolen Sweets, she had always dreamed of selling vintage clothing but could not afford the high cost of renting a store front. “I love old stuff,” she said. “I think I was born in the wrong decade.” Ms Sutherland bought the bus for $US4500 to set herself apart from other vintage business owners in the area. After losing her job she gave herself six months to restore the broken down bus to its former glory days with the help of friends and start up a business named after the model of the bus.”

Domino’s Pizza offers $31,000 for one hour’s work: “It’s the part-time job generations have been waiting for, and no special qualifications are required – working in a pizza restaurant for just one hour for a juicy $31,000. That’s the job offer Domino’s Pizza Japan Inc has placed on its website as it celebrates its 25th anniversary in the country. Anyone over 18 years old who is eligible to work in Japan can apply, said the Japanese unit of the popular US pizza chain. “Let’s cheer up Domino Pizza’s 25th anniversary together,” the company said, offering the 2.5 million yen ($31,000) job and promising to release further information next Wednesday. Part-time workers in Japan on average earn 987 yen ($12) per hour, according to a private employment company.”

Is the King of Sweden a randy old goat? “To the world at large, King Carl Gustaf of Sweden is the ­perfect 21st-century ­monarch. A charming man of quiet ­dignity, loved by his people as an ordinary family man, his main hobby is Scouting…. But suddenly the 64-year-old King’s bespectacled image of almost dull respectability has undergone a remarkable transformation. In a new biography of the King he emerges as an habituee of wild sex parties involving strippers, sometimes hosted by an infamous Mafia boss in a Stockholm club. No fewer than 14 pages are given over to an alleged lengthy affair he had with Camilla Henemark [above], the beautiful Swedish singer and model whose father was Nigerian and mother Swedish. Her response to the revelations yesterday was not to deny them but merely to say her ­lawyer had advised her ‘not to give any comments’.”

And don’t forget to catch up with all the Strange Justice before you go.


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