Tank driving latest New Zealand adrenalin experience

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New Zealand tends to be rather boring — but there are exceptions

A 30-minute drive from Christchurch is Tanks For Everything – New Zealand’s latest adrenalin adventure that takes you to the edge and then charges over it, literally.

Created by Jonathan Lahy-Neary, the experience enables visitors to drive a dozen vehicles ranging from a jeep all the way up to the Russian T-55AM2 tank and the 52-tonne Centurion.

And it’s a daunting line-up – I was scared just belting around the course in the jeep.

Mr Lahy-Neary said he came up with the idea after a long flight from London. He blames a lack of sleep – or a dodgy airline meal – but he woke with an idea, to import some tanks and let people drive them. The former IT manager has been full-time at it for a year now.

We started off small, well, in tanks terms anyway, with the FV-432 armoured personnel carrier. Despite being terrified before stepping in, it wasn’t long before I was wearing that dopey expression only pure joy brings.

The guns have been disabled on all the tanks, which sounds like it would be disappointing, but just driving the hulking machinery is more than enough to get the adrenaline pumping.

Then it was time to climb up into the Centurion, a British-built, ex-Australian army tank used in the Vietnam War. To drive the Centurion, you need to be able to (semi) drive a manual. Bunny hops aren’t advisable when there is a thick metal ledge right at teeth height. Weighing in at 52 tonnes, this sucker gets just 50m out of one litre of petrol – try that at the height of an oil crisis.

You can even arrange to run over cars – perhaps the boss’s car for a work team-building exercise.

If driving the tank sounds a bit too scary, you can always be driven around by Lahy-Neary, who even offers the experience for kid’s birthday parties.

You really don’t have to be an adrenaline junkie to enjoy this, but you do need to do a bit of saving.

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Dumb British teachers don’t even know how to cheat: “Dunce teachers at a UK school cheated in a bid to boost pupils’ exam results only to get the answers wrong. Investigators were called into one school when 18 of 19 kids gave the same incorrect answer on their external exams, British newspaper The Sun reported. An official probe found proof the pupils were illegally helped by a teacher. In a separate case, the head of another school changed papers herself – only to turn a right answer into a wrong one. Her cheating was uncovered when investigators noticed answers were altered using a different pencil. Analysis of papers from a third school found evidence of 93 changes by teachers – and when an inquiry was announced, the principal went on sick leave, then resigned. All three cases led to findings of “maladministration,” and dozens of pupils had their math, English and science test results scrapped.”

Woman arrested for giving baby to stranger: “Police in Philadelphia today arrested a woman who allegedly handed her infant son to a stranger and walked away. Sharon Rivera, 24, was seen walking around northern Philadelphia on Friday night in an apparently intoxicated state and carrying her two-month-old son, The Philadelphia Inquirer reported. Special Victims Unit Captain John Darby said the infant was not properly clothed at the time. When a woman asked Rivera if she needed to come inside for help, she allegedly handed the woman her son and walked away. The woman took care of the baby overnight and then contacted authorities the following morning. Rivera was located with the help of her relatives and charged with endangering the welfare of a child and reckless endangerment. Her son was taken to St Christopher’s Hospital for children and examined. He was then turned over to the care of the Department of Human Services, police said.”

Police catch man who drove lawnmower to buy beer: “A New York man attempted to get round his drunk driving ban by riding his lawn mower to the store to buy beer, bemused police said yesterday. Barry Foster’s bid for alcohol ended in disaster, however, as he allegedly passed out behind the controls of his Zero Turn machine as he made his way home, reported the Times Herald Record. Sheriff’s deputies found the 53-year-old slumped unconscious close to his house in Swan Lake, New York, at 7pm Saturday local time. Paramedics took Mr Foster to nearby Catskill Regional Medical Center where he was admitted. The deputies said when they found him he seemed drunk and they knew that his license had recently been suspended.”

Fawlty Towers lives on: “A cancer patient and his girlfriend have been thrown out of UK hotel [above] for allegedly writing a poor review on TripAdvisor. Adrian Healey and his partner Sherrie Andrews were two nights into their three-night stay at the Golden Beach hotel in Surrey when they were allegedly evicted by the hotel manager, the Blackpool Gazette reports. “We had been there a day when they said we couldn’t get back in our rooms because they were recarpeting, and we didn’t complain – all we asked was if we could have an extra towel.” he said. Mr Healy said it was during the second night that he and Ms Andrews were confronted by the hotel manager. “He banged on the door and told us to get out, accusing us of writing a review on Trip Advisor, and said he would call the police,” Mr Healy said. The couple denied posting the review and decided to leave when the police arrived. Mr Healy said he asked for a refund but the hotel refused.” [Story of the original Fawlty Towers here]

Doctors use lasers to blast worm living behind man’s eye: “a man from Iowa lived with a worm behind his eyeball for nine months. John Matthews from Bellevue, discovered his uninvited guest after becoming concerned when he noticed two spots obscuring vision in his left eye. After tests at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, doctors discovered the invasive creature and rushed Matthews into a treatment room where they shot a laser into his eyeball to kill the worm. “I could see it from behind, moving, trying to dodge the laser,” he told the Telegraph Herald. The Telegraph Herald reported that it took a second round of laser treatment before the worm was killed. The worm’s remains will be absorbed into Matthews’ body, but he will suffer permanent damage to his retina.”

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  1. ” this sucker gets just 50m out of one litre of petrol – try that at the height of an oil crisis.”

    WOW 50miles per litre?

    That’s 3-times what my Yaris gets!

    • M is for metres in NZ

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