Some strange signs in a car, pic apparently taken in Thailand

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I’m guessing that the car concerned is a cab




Odd news from around the world

Boy, 5, wins $10,000 defamation damages over chips theft claim: “A FIVE-year-old Irish boy who was wrongly accused of stealing a bag of chips won E7,500 damages for defamation of character. Tadhg Mooney, from Balbriggan, north of Dublin, had just finished shopping with his mother Rachel at their local Lidl grocery store in June last year when a cashier came after him, taking him by the hand and accusing him of stealing. Finding him crying inside the store, his mother presented a receipt showing she had paid for the bag, their lawyer Dermot McNamara said. But the shop manager failed to take her concerns seriously, causing her to take legal proceedings against the firm for slander, for false imprisonment, assault and negligence. “We managed to settle it over negotiations lasting for a month or two and they eventually gave an offer of €7,500″ McNamara said.”

Another Russian spy: ” Just after the very public break up of the Russian spy ring in which Russian bombshell Anna Chapman was shipped back to the country, authorities have found yet another sexy beauty with ties to Russia, after she was caught trying to smuggle night vision rifle sights into Russia from the United States. Anna Fermanova, who is a beautician, was discovered with fifteen thousand dollars worth of rifle sights, made to be used at night, in her luggage while attempting to board a flight from JFK International Airport in New York to Moscow. This occurred back in March, and she was allowed to continue on to Moscow after the seven thousand dollar Raptor 4 X Night Vision Weapons Sights, and the two other night vision devices which were worth four thousand dollars each were taken. Fermanova, who was born in Latvia, was arrested on July 15 for the March incident when she returned to the United States from Russia.”

Florida man spends $200K to win parking rights for his driveway: “An American man has spent $220,000 defending his right to park his truck in his own driveway in a two-year battle with his housing body. When he first moved to the house in Odessa, Florida in 1997, A.J. Vizzi was told that parking his large truck in the driveway was not against the subdivision’s rules, reported. But years later, community governance body the Eagles Masters Association said it did violate their rules and therefore had to go. As the truck did not fit in his garage, Mr Vizzi stood his ground and tee homeowners’ association then sued him, kicking off a two-year court battle. In December 2008, a judge ruled in his favour – but the homeowners’ association appealed the decision, sending the case back to court. In March, Mr Vizzi won again, and a judge awarded him more than $187,000 in legal fees this week.”

Britain’s e superfly with a taste for humans: “If you’re sitting in your garden and suddenly feel a sharp nip on your leg, beware – it may be the beginning of a thoroughly unpleasant experience. Wildlife experts are warning that a superfly with a taste for human blood is being blamed for a surge of infected insect bites that has left some victims hospitalised. The experts say the Blandford fly – a tiny bug that used to be found only in streams in rural southern England – is moving into towns and cities, encouraged by the popularity of garden water features. The creature may be just two or three millimetres long but it packs a painful and unpleasant punch. Concerns about the spread of the Blandford fly, also known as the black fly, follow reports of a rise in infected insect bites in the last few weeks.”

Brits eating squirrels: “They are more commonly found scurrying down the garden path than on the shelves of your local store. But one grocery chain is selling grey squirrels for meat – and reporting ‘huge interest’ in the high-protein, low-fat dish. Budgens has stocked the shelves of a London branch with the meat. Once a staple of the national diet, it is said to have a nutty flavour and can be cooked in soups, pies and casseroles. But animal welfare group Viva has accused Budgens of cashing in on a ‘wildlife massacre’ by putting grey squirrel back on the menu. Viva founder and zoologist Juliet Gellatley said: ‘Culls of thousands of grey squirrels by so-called conservation groups to boost populations of red squirrels are irrational… However, Henry Atwell, a butcher from Walton, Somerset, is selling ten squirrels a week at less than £3 each.”

And don’t forget to catch up with all the Strange Justice before you go.


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