The Elbonians

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I can’t imagine who they would be. Can you? Beard and female garment could be relevant




Odd news from around the world

$45 garage sale purchase worth $200 million?: “A lawyer says a trove of old glass negatives bought in California for $US45 has been authenticated as the work of iconic photographer Ansel Adams, worth at least $US200 million. Lawyer Arnold Peter says a team of experts has concluded the 65 negatives are from the early work of Adams. It was believed the work had been destroyed in a fire decades ago. The negatives were bought 10 years ago at a garage sale in Fresno by painter Rick Norsigian, who noticed they resembled Adams’ famed photographs of Yosemite National Park and hired Peter to assemble a team of experts.

Mother ‘sent daughter to work in brothel’: “A mother has been charged with sending her 16-year-old daughter to work as a prostitute at a brothel in Sydney’s eastern suburbs. The Wollongong District Court was told yesterday the schoolgirl was taken by her mother to Liaisons Executive Retreat, a brothel in the eastern inner-city suburb of Edgecliff, and was made to work there for two weeks. The Ten Network reported last night that the girl allegedly provided services to more than 18 clients over period of 13 hours, charging up to $330 an hour and working under the name “Layla”. The woman is accused of taking most of the girl’s earnings as a prostitute to support the family. The girl’s father reported his former wife to the police after his daughter told him she had been subjected to acts of violence, which made her cry”.

iPad owners ‘over-achieving selfish elites’: “IPAD owners are six times more likely to be wealthy, highly educated and sophisticated 30-50 year olds who value power and achievement. They’re also selfish and unkind, according to a survey of 20,000 people conducted by US consumer research firm MyType. MyType spokesman Tim Koelkebeck gave his unflattering appraisal of iPad owners on the company’s blog after the firm released the results of the survey online. But what about the iPad’s critics? Mr Koelkebeck said 96 per cent of those don’t own an iPad, but they’re generally independent-minded young people who “shun conformity”, he said.”

Record numbers of fake British coins could force the mint to scrap them: “Record numbers of fake £1 coins in circulation could force the Royal Mint to scrap the entire denomination and reissue it. There are now about 41million counterfeits, or one in every 36 coins in current use. It is thought that the proportion of fakes has tripled in the last decade. Experts and MPs said there was now a serious risk that consumer confidence in the coin was becoming compromised. ‘The effect on consumers has to be a major consideration. If you take it to the shop that gives it to you they may replace it on trust, but they don’t have to. The biggest losers are small shopkeepers who are not refunded by banks if they send fake coins from their tills.”

Tropical terrors found in Britain: “They are one of the largest poisonous spiders in the world and are capable of blinding you with their venom. So you can imagine the alarm after experts warned there may be a whole batch of escaped tarantulas on the loose. Experts have issued a warning after two young Chilean Rose tarantulas were found at properties just two miles apart. The pair of Chilean Rose tarantulas were discovered by homeowners wandering free in their gardens and now the RSPCA have urged people to be on their guard. The slow-moving large spiders from South America are a popular breed among collectors. They have a unique defence mechanism – when threatened the spiders use their hind legs to flick small, barbed hairs into the air which can cause intense pain and even blindness if they penetrate a person’s eye. Last year a 29-year-old man had to be treated at St James’s Hospital in Leeds after the hairs embedded themselves in his cornea.”

And don’t forget to catch up with all the Strange Justice before you go.


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