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Sign from Vanuatu




Odd news from around the world

German with Hitler ringtone faces jail: “A man who had a speech by Adolf Hitler as his ringtone could face up to three years in jail. Police seized the 54-year-old’s phone at Harburg station, near the northern city of Hamburg, after fellow train passengers, shocked by the sound of Hitler screaming, alerted police. “It was an original speech by Adolf Hitler which ended with the phrase ‘Sieg Heil’,” police spokesman Ruediger Carstens said, adding that the man also had a picture of Hitler standing in front of a swastika on his phone. [Antisemitic rants by Muslims are OK, though]

Credit card toy upsets the do-gooders: “A Credit card teether for babies has sparked cries of outrage from experts and financial counsellors. The plastic toy is stamped with numbers, an expiry date and the name “Ima Spender”. Social commentator Maggie Hamilton called the teether “the ultimate symbol of materialism”. “This is not harmless or humorous. Victorian mother Penny Hartelt has done a deal with US company Heelarious to sell the Baby’s First Credit Card Teether via her online gift shop “It’s just a bit of fun. They are reading far too much into it,” Mrs Hartelt said.”

Judge fired over poporn for parking ticket: “A New York City judge has been fired from his job and fined $5500 after accepting popcorn as a buy-off from a snack food delivery driver with too many parking tickets. Alan Rubin, employed as an administrative law judge by the city’s finance department since May 2004, got the heave-ho because he accepted six to eight bags of free popcorn a year earlier from a food-delivery driver whose tickets he had dismissed, the New York Post reported. Mr Rubin agreed to pay a $2500 fine to the Conflicts of Interest Board after his firing in June 2009 – making this the most expensive snack of his life. Sources said Mr Rubin was tripped up when he brought some of his bounty into the office to share with coworkers. One of them gave him up.”

Municipal wardrobe malfunction in Britain: “A lord mayor apologised on Wednesday after his trousers fell down during a visit to a local library. Colin Hall, Lord Mayor of Leicester, suffered the mishap on a visit to Southfields library in Leicester on Tuesday morning. Hall was a guest at a Summer Showcase organised by Global Education Leicester/Shire, a network which works with teachers and education institutions to promote greater understanding of global perspectives, a city council spokesman confirmed on Wednesday. The spokesman said: “The Lord Mayor of Leicester, councillor Colin Hall, attended a function at a local library yesterday where he suffered an unfortunate problem with his trousers. “He was not wearing a belt and the trousers came loose and fell. “The Lord Mayor has offered his deepest apologies to those attending the event for any offence caused by the accident.”

Husbands can be jailed for insulting their wives in France: “Couples who insult each other over their physical appearance or make false accusations about infidelity face jail, under a new French law making “psychological violence” a criminal offence. The law – the first of its kind – means that partners who make such insults or threats of physical violence faces up to three years in prison and a €75,000 fine. French magistrates have slammed the new legislation as “inapplicable”, as they argue the definition of what constitutes an insult is too vague and verbal abuse too hard to prove. Nadine Morano, the junior family minister, told the National Assembly that “we have introduced an important measure here, which recognises psychological violence, because it isn’t just blows (that hurt), but also words.” But men now also have the right to report their wives verbal abuse in a domestic row. ]That should be fun!] It will apply to both married couples and cohabiting partners.”

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