How an unhappy mathematician pays his bills

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Odd news from around the world

Miss Cornwall dethroned: “Miss Cornwall has been stripped of her crown after organisers discovered she is five years older than she claimed to be – and lives in a different county. Laura Anness, 27, lost her sash and title after she was found to have entered her age as 22 on the application form for the competition for every one of the last four years. The Miss Cornwall pageant, which she won earlier this month, is open to women aged between 17 and 24, who live or work in the West Country county. Unfortunately Miss Anness, an English teacher from Plymouth, Devon, does not meet either requirement”

Live on a hill? You’re streets ahead: “While most people looking for a home are swayed by the number of bedrooms or whether the children will get into the local school, a study reveals they should be looking at the first line of the address. Researchers have worked out the average price of Britain’s 858,000 residential streets, and sorted them according to their names. And the winners are people who are lucky enough to have ‘hill’ in the first line of their address. The average price of an address which ends with the word ‘hill’ is £341,446, which is nearly 60 per cent higher than the average price of just £217,624. The biggest losers are people who live on one of the country’s 59,000 ‘Streets.’ The average value of a home on a ‘street’ is just £155,515, the cheapest of all the road names.”

Scientists invent male contraceptive pill: “Scientists have developed the worlds male alternative to the female contraceptive pill. Unlike the jab form of the male pill it doesnt use a combination of the male hormone testosterone and the female hormone progesterone to block pregnancy. The scientist behind the male pill discovery has developed a tablet that removes a vital protein in sperm that is required for a woman to conceive. So while sperm still get through to the uterus they are unable to fertilise an egg. Using this approach, researchers believe they have a pill that is 100 pc effective at stopping pregnancy. Not only is it long lasting but it also has other pluses. There are no side effects as suffered by women who take the contraceptive pill.”

Chinese army helps its soldiers find love: “The People’s Liberation Army has said it will help its soldiers find love after a new rule banned Chinese troops from internet dating. Until now, members of the 2.3 million-strong Chinese army stationed in remote posts have relied on the internet for romance. But worried that lonely hearts might let sensitive information slip, the army has now banned online dating. Instead, PLA commanders will become matchmakers. On the island of Hainan, a paramilitary police officer has already organised a party for older cadres to meet women working at a local branch of China Mobile, the mobile phone company.”

Canine shrinks help Mailmen: “Post office bosses in Germany have reduced attacks on mailmen – by using animal psychologists. The canine shrinks were hired to teach terrified posties to think like dogs and avoid being bitten and chased on their rounds. Officials at Germany’s Deutsche Post service say the number of dog attacks has plunged by 80% since they started a pilot scheme in Munich. Postmen now carry dog biscuits and pepper spray and learn how to read animal body language to work out whether to offer a treat or defend themselves. “This is an excellent result. We’re very happy that fewer postmen – and fewer dogs – are being hurt,” said DP spokeswoman Eva Kirchesch.”

Crash survivor’s lucky clover: “Doctors treating a man, who had a lucky escape after a fence post speared through his chest, found a four-leaf clover stuck to his back. Raymond Curry, 20, was on his way to work when his Vauxhall Corsa overturned and rolled through a fence near his home in Cramlington, Northumberland. He was flown to hospital still impaled by the piece of wood, which had amazingly missed all of his vital organs. An air freshener inside the car somehow ended up inside one of his wounds, and was removed. It was at hospital that the lucky clover leaf was found on his back. Mr Curry, who now has the four-leaf clover framed on his bedroom wall, said: ‘I know how lucky I am to be alive. “I’d never even seen a four-leaf clover until this happened, so it was good timing, I suppose”

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