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Boy meets grouper. Groupers normally swallow their prey whole so the boy is in no danger. Too big

Update: A reader rightly notes that the scaly one is a Wrasse, not a Grouper. The big lips are the giveaway




Odd news from around the world

Man builds nuclear reactor in NYC warehouse: “A New York web designer for fashion house Gucci surprised his neighbors by revealing he built a nuclear reactor in a Brooklyn warehouse. Mark Suppes, a 32-year-old amateur physicist with a passion for sustainable energy, constructed the $40,000 homemade fusion reactor in his spare time, the BBC reported. He is the 38th independent physicist in the word to achieve nuclear fusion from a self-built reactor and forms part of a growing community of “fusioneers.” These brainiacs are trying to discover how to produce energy by fusion, a process that currently consumes more energy to run than it creates. While it may concern those close to his makeshift lab, fusion reactors are perfectly legal in the U.S. and pose no radioactive threat, as unlike nuclear fission reactions, they do not require uranium or plutonium fuel.”

Longest tennis game ever: “It took precisely ten hours… and even then they were not done. For, as the longest match ever staged at Wimbledon was finally adjourned by bad light last night at 59-59 in the fifth set, it sent two players into the history books – but neither of them into the next round. American John Isner and Frenchman Nicolas Mahut had begun playing at 6pm on Tuesday. But two hours and 52 minutes in, the light failed and played stopped. Yesterday, they returned to one of Wimbledon’s smallest courts yesterday to continue their stand-off. But although the crowds, cancelled restaurant bookings, missed their trains and rescheduled appointments to see this battle of wills reach a conclusion, it never came. The pair smashed the Wimbledon record with ease – then broke the world record for the longest match. But their duel had to be postponed for a second day running. Shortly after 9pm, a club referee called the match off, for the night at least.”

Legendary 1930s Alvis heads back into ‘production’: “The legendary Alvis 4.3 litre of the 1930s is to be reborn – complete with engine management, hydraulic brakes and fuel injection. Anyone lucky enough to find an original at auction would have to pay in the region of £400,000-£450,000 for the elegant, open-top pre-war car. But Red Triangle plans to produce new “continuation” models which will cost from around £170,000. Using original technical drawings and what they say will be the latest computer-aided design technology, engineers will faithfully recreate the model, 71 years after the last was produced. The 4.3 Litre Alvis was the fastest non-supercharged production car of its day, covering 0-60mph in around 11 seconds. Now, thanks to the use of original drawings, the 4.3 in-line six-cylinder engine will be faithful to the 1936 design, says Red Triangle. War stopped production of the car in 1940″

A pill that resets body clock could cure jet lag: “Jet lag could be a thing of the past for travellers after scientists moved closer to developing a pill that resets your body clock. Researchers have discovered a substance which is crucial to the natural rhythms of the body – and also a way of manipulating it. Jet lag is caused when the various natural timers in the body are “desynchronised” and knocked off balance by travelling long distances. Its failure to adjust to a new time zone leads to insomnia, loss of appetite, loss of alertness and even depression. Now a team at the Max Planck Institute in Germany has discovered that the hormone cortisol is key to keeping the circadian rhythms synchronised. They have found that levels of cortisol peak at 8am and then steadily drop to their lowest levels between 12am and 4am. By adjusting the peaks and troughs with a pill, they believe they can restore the natural balance of the body and mind.”

Arizona restaurant receives death threats over lion meat burgers: “A restaurant paying homage to the World Cup in South Africa has received death threats for its latest specialty – burgers made with lion meat, its owner says. This week the Il Vinaio restaurant in Mesa, located about 32km east of Phoenix, Arizona, plans to start selling the exotic meat burger. The big cat is not illegal to eat in the US, and the African lions used to make the burgers were actually raised on a free-range animal farm in the Midwest. “We have access to some really exotic meats that are USDA-approved. One of the ones that raised eyebrows was lion. And we’ve had quite a few customers asking us off the cuff, when are we going to serve some lion,” said restaurant owner Carmeron Selogie. The restaurant has also received a bomb threat and more than 150 emails from protesters”

And don’t forget to catch up with all the Strange Justice before you go.


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  1. That is a Humphead Wrasse, not a Grouper. They are sometimes called Napoleon Wrasse.

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