Kneeling High Jump Record

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Are you aware that a new world record has been set for the HIGH JUMP from a KNEELING position?

The record of 0.757 metres (remember this is from a KNEELING position) was set recently on a beach ..

The photo below was taken a split second before the jump. This gives you an idea as to how it was achieved…


Know-all authoress gets dumped: “The author of the self-help book the “Prince Harming Syndrome” is fighting back against the cad she says royally hosed her. Karen Salmansohn, the writer of “How to Make Your Man Behave in 21 Days or Less Using the Secrets of Successful Dog Trainers,” says she was was knocked up by a Long Island man who’d falsely promised to have a family with her. Mitchell Leff told Salmansohn, 49, he was “practically divorced” when he met the “How to Succeed in Business without a Penis” writer and wanted to start a family with her – and even offered to pay and provide sperm for IVF treatments, Salmansohn says in court papers. But when the $28,000 treatment Leff paid and provided for was successful, the 51-year-old landromat king told her he was “too old” to be a dad again and she should get an abortion, her Manhattan Supreme Court lawsuit charges. Now she’s suing to make him support her through the pregnancy as she says he’d promised to do.”

The latest from Australia’s wild North: “A woman stabbed her husband because she thought he spent the night with an ex-girlfriend – but he had actually been in a cell. The Northern Territory Supreme Court was told that Teresa Nelson armed herself with a knife – hidden in her bra — and then went searching for her husband. Nelson attempted to hit her husband’s head but instead sliced into his left arm, which he raised to defend himself. She cut through an artery and a nerve in his left arm, which needed surgery at a local hospital. The court was told that Nelson thought her husband had been at an ex-girlfriend’s house. But in fact he had been locked up in the cells at Tennant police station. Nelson was sentenced to three years in prison, suspended after nine months.”

British sailor goes round in circles: “A novice sailor who thought he was cruising around the UK discovered he had just been circling a small island off the Kent coast. A lifeboat had to rescue the man when he lost power off Elmley Marshes on the Isle of Sheppey after he finally ran out of fuel. His rescuers discovered navigation errors were not his only mistake during his tour of the eight mile wide island. He had bought his motor boat online and it only had a tiny 20-litre fuel tank and 20 horse power engine. He had no provisions on board, had taken a “wrong turn” on the road map he had been using — and had no navigation equipment, they revealed. Lifeboat volunteer Tom Ware said: “Because he had no chart and he didn’t even know what navigational charts were, his general principle was to keep the land on his right – except he didn’t realise Sheppey was an island.”

Australian chef challenges airlines’ soggy food: “Top Melbourne chef Shannon Bennett is waging a mile-high food fight with airlines over their “crappy” food. Frustrated by stale, soggy meals on his regular flights, the award-winning Vue de Monde chef is setting up a Melbourne Airport cafe selling top-end takeaway food boxes [see above] designed to take on planes. “I’ve been wanting to take on airline food for years,” Bennett told the Sunday Herald Sun. “If they won’t make good, fresh food for passengers, then I will. “I get so frustrated with the food on planes. “I’m flying every week and the food can be pretty poor.” So far, there has been no opposition from airlines, but Bennett said he was ready for a fight if they tried to stop passengers taking his food on board.

Pets can be left-handed too: “We are more like our pets than we think. Just as most humans are left or right-handed, so cats and dogs prefer to use one paw instead of another. Until recently, scientists had thought animals were ambidextrous. A series of scientific studies now suggests that the phenomenon of “lateralisation” is universal among animals and that the trait improves the chances of escaping predators, foraging for food or finding a mate. The trait extends across the animal kingdom. Nearly every creature, whether mammal, bird, fish or invertebrate, is genetically wired to prefer to use one foot, paw, eye or even antenna help them survive, researchers have found.”

And don’t forget to catch up with all the Strange Justice before you go.


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