Noah thinks again

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Eating chicken makes men bald?: “BOLIVIAN President Evo Morales says men should stay away from chicken if they want to maintain their hair and virility. Mr Morales told an environmental conference that chicken producers inject the birds with female hormones “and because of that, men who consume them have problems being men”. He also suggested eating too much chicken for too long could make men go bald. Mr Morales’ warning may be out of date: Chicken producers in Europe, the United States and many other countries say they abandoned the use of hormones in poultry several decades ago and many if not most Western nations ban them outright.”

Mother of bride delivers passer-by’s baby: “A US woman who went into labour on the way to a hospital got some help from the mother of a bride at a nearby wedding party. Ben Sherwood was driving his wife Kimberly to the hospital when she told him they wouldn’t make it. They saw a police officer by the Milwaukee Art Museum and flagged him down. Mr Sherwood told WTMJ-TV the officer had the same frightened look he had. So Mr Sherwood turned to a nearby wedding party and starting yelling for a doctor. A woman in a peach dress and high heels ran over. It was Annette Soborowicz, an emergency room nurse. A few pushes later and Ms Soborowicz was holding little Lincoln Sherwood. Ms Soborowicz said Saturday was an amazing day – the Sherwoods had a son and she gained a wonderful son-in-law.”

The latest from Australia’s wild North: “A water aerobics class had to be called off after a 1.5m crocodile was found doing laps in a Darwin swimming pool. Howard Springs Holiday Park manager Geoff Thompson, 52, told the newspaper he was about to test the water in the pool at 8.15am when he spotted the freshwater crocodile, the Northern Territory News reported. “I bent down to the water and there it was, staring at me, less than 3m away.” Paula Martin, of Gunn, Palmerston, said she had been a water aerobics instructor for 20 years but it was the first time a class had to be canceled because of a crocodile in the pool. The crocodile is believed to have wandered into the pool from a nearby lagoon. Crocodile catcher Robbie Risk caught the reptile under the eyes of the cheering water aerobics class.”

Lethal boobs: “A ONE-WOMAN mission to prove breasts don’t cause earthquakes has swollen into a shirt-straining global movement preparing for the inaugural “Boobquake”. Iranian cleric Hojatoleslam Kazem Sedighi angered womens’ groups around the world on Monday when he claimed that promiscuous women were responsible for literally making the earth move. Jennifer McCreight is determined to prove him wrong. Since launching the “Boobquake” Facebook page two days ago, she has enlisted more than 20,000 women promising to show as much cleavage as possible on Monday, April 26. If the world doesn’t then disappear into an apocalyptic fiery chasm, then Sedighi will have no option but to admit he was wrong.”

Coke as a fire-extinguisher? “A teenager saved his dad’s life by using a bottle of Coca-Cola as a fire extinguisher. Flames erupted over Andrew Wythe’s head and body after he tipped petrol on a garden fire at his home in Cornwall, southern England, The Sun reported. As Mr Wythe screamed in agony, his son Nicholas, 15, grabbed a bottle of Coke, violently shook it and then sprayed the contents all over him, extinguishing the flames. Mr Wythe, 52, was left with burns to his neck, chest and ears and will have to undergo skin grafts. Doctors told him he was lucky to be alive.”

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