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British rowers urge Queen to remove ‘demented’ swan from river: “Frightened rowers have begged the Queen to get rid of a vicious swan that continually attacks them on a river in eastern England. The Sun reported that the bird has recently stepped up its aggressive stance towards boaters on the River Cam in Cambridge. Bill Key, president of the Cambridgeshire Rowing Association, which led the plea, said: “The swan situation is most serious. Injuries have occurred.” One female rower was left too scared to go into the water after the swan swooped at her, leaving her bruised, he added. “Somebody needs to sort it out before there is a serious accident,” a local resident said. The Queen has the right to ownership of all swans in the UK. Removal requires royal approval.”

Boy nearly hit by laptop which fell from sky: “A boy, 10, escapes serious injury after a laptop which fell from a medical helicopter narrowly misses him. UPI reports the family of Grayson Peterka were having a barbie in St Cloud, Minnesota, when the computer crashed to the ground in front of the boy. “I heard the helicopter going by. It was pretty low and then they made like a turn. When that happened it fell to the ground,” Grayson Peterka said on WCCO-TV, Minneapolis-St. Paul. Life Link officials confirmed the laptop was mistakenly left on the helicopter’s skids by a crew when it left St Cloud Hospital. The hospital said it is investigating the incident”

Princesses not allowed in Disneyland: “A mother has been barred from Disneyland for looking too much like a princess. Natasha Narula, 36, was left “stunned and humiliated” after being ordered to return to her hotel and change after attempting to enter Disneyland Paris with her young daughter – both in fancy dress. The mother-of-two from Coventry in England wore a “silly, puffy sleeved” old wedding dress, while eight-year-old Drew was dressed in a white and gold bridesmaid dress with a tiara. Ms Narula, who was on a $1650 three-night break to celebrate her 35th birthday, said the security guard told her the dress was “too pretty” and may cause her to be confused with a member of staff in character. “I spoke to a manager and she said they were concerned children would think I worked there and wanted to have their picture with me,”

Italy: “Hencredible” cockerel changed sex: “Scientists are to study a cockerel which swapped sex after a fox raid on his enclosure wiped out all his hens. Gianni’s Italian owners say he started life as a red-blooded rooster on his farm in Tuscany. But within days of the fox raid, ‘he’ was laying eggs and trying to hatch them as he brooded over his new life in the hen house. Now scientists at UN’s Farm and Agriculture Organisation are to study the bird’s DNA to see what made him change. ‘It may be a primitive species survival gene. With all the females gone he could only ensure the future of his line by becoming female,’ said one expert.”

Medical test kills man: “A former policeman being treated in hospital for chest pains died two hours after undergoing a medical test on an exercise treadmill, an inquest has been told. Harry Coxell, 61, was admitted to Blacktown Hospital in Sydney’s west with heart problems, but died a day later on November 1, 2006. He died about two hours after collapsing from fatigue caused by seven minutes of a 20-minute treadmill exercise stress test. Glebe Coroner’s Court was told yesterday that Mr Coxell’s port-mortem examination revealed that he died from a ruptured aortic dissection – a tear in the wall of the aorta. Counsel assisting the coroner David Hirsch said the inquest would investigate questions surrounding Mr Coxell’s treatment plan, pain management, why an echocardiogram was not performed and whether a stress test was appropriate.”

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  1. Half-Male, Half-Female Chicken Mystery Solved

    Ker Than

    for National Geographic News

    Published March 16, 2010

    It was a tough egg to crack, but scientists have finally explained why some chickens are born half male and half female.

    The bodies of these hen-rooster hybrids, or gynandromorphs, have a mixture of genetically male and female cells, the research reveals.

    Only about 1 in 10,000 chickens are born as gynandromorphs, which have male features—such as a rooster’s comb and a defensive leg spur—on one side of their bodies and dainty, henlike features on the other.

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